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  • 2 Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) : 1  gas sources MBE including GaInAsP(N) alloys on InP or GaP substrates (V elements : P, As or N) and i solid source MBE (V elements:  As/P), including alloys GaAlInAsP on InP or GaP or Si substrates, and its environement for the control, and the substrate preparation. A large choice of different materials can be grown on these MBE experiments, controlled by in-situ RHEED analysis (see MBE poster). A third UHVCVD epitaxy reactor has been installed in 2009 in order to grow silicon and its dopants.
  • Clean room device process including photolithography, deposition and etching equipment s by chemical, electrochemical and ionic techniques     
  • Cleave, process and solder of samples or devices.
  • Basic optoelectronics applications : Luminescence, spectroscopy, ellipsometry, Fourier transformed infrared spectroscopy. femtoseconds pulsed lasers in the visible and near-infra-red range, OPO (amplificateur optique paramétrique) for analysis of ultrafast phenomena, Pump-probe experiments. X-Ray scattering, Atomic force microscopy (AFM).


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