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Main activities of the research group are growth, realization, simulation and characterization of structures and device components on III-V semiconductor compounds and silicon. These structures based on quantum wells or dots (QW & QD) are grown by gas source or solid source molecular beam epitaxy( GSMBE, SSMBE) or UHVCVD  on InP, GaP or Si substrate. Microcavity ultrafast saturable absorber devices, structures containing dense QDs with laser emission in the 1.4-1.7µm window with a very low threshold current density  are some of the world class laboratory results. A QW-based tunable VCSEL has also been reported, emitting around 1.5 µm.

The research activity of the laboratory has allowed it to be well known in the national and international level. The laboratory have thus a strong experience with contracts at a national or international level with industrial or state institutions, and with involvement in european networks of excellence. The main funded research activities are thus depicted below :

Main Projects :

22- OPTOSI, Epitaxial Integration of III-V optoelectronic devices on Si, ANR BLANC, 2012-2015.

21- MENHIRS, Monolithique intEgratioN of High effIciency III-V solaR cells on Silicon, ANR PROGELEC, 2012-2014.

20- NAIADE, Nanocharacterization and modeling of interfaces and high strain in group III - antimonide systems , ANR BLANC, 2012-2014.

19- SINPHONIC, Silicon photonics with diluted nitride coherent integration, ANR JEUNE CHERCHEUR, 2012-2014.

18- PEROCAI, PEROvskites in CAvIties , ANR BLANC, 2009-2012.

17- NANOTRANS, semiconductor nitride quantum dots, relationship between morphology, electronic structure and optical properties , C'nano project , 2010-2012.

16- TELDOT,Telecom Applications based on Quantum Dot devices , ANR VERSO, 2009-2012.

15- IFONOLIS, Investigation of semiconductor non linear optical properties, two photon absorption and emission, CREATE project, H. Folliot, funded by Région Bretagne, 2009-2012

14- k.p and abinitio calculations for the simulation of electronic properties of InAs/Si quantum dots : ANR "Biquinis" project (Boites quantiques d'InAs insérées dans une matrice de silicium, 2008-2010)

13- Ultra-fast quantum dots lasers on InP substrates, PRIR "DISTO" project funded by région Bretagne (Dispositif tout optique de récupération d'horloge à très haut débit 2006-2009)

12- Semiconductors edge lasers for the mid-infrared emission, and integration in biological systems : AIS Rennes Métropole 2006

11- Achievement and characterisation of nanostructures on InP, GaP and Si substrates. CPER "PONANT" project, funded by the région Bretagne (Développement d'un pôle régional de recherche sur la photonique et les nanostructures appliquées aux technologies de l'information, 2007-2013). The european FEDER funds contribue within 35% of the whole project.

10- Achievement of electrically driven tunable QWs based VCSELs for WDM in optical telecommunications. ANR "Lambda access" project (Sources laser accordables a cavite verticale pour les reseaux d'acces a tres haut débit.)

9- Characterisation of carbon nanotubes inserted in micro-cavity for telecom applications : ANR "CASTEL" project (CArbon nanotubeS for TELecommunications applications, 2007-2010)

8- Optical amplifiers and low chirp quantum dots based lasers emitting at 1.55 µm (European Network of Excellence on Photonic Integrated Components and Circuits EPIX, 2004-2009)

7- Study of self-assembled quantum dots: growth, characterisations, calculations, devices... (Self-Assembled semiconductor Nanostructures for new Devices in photonics and Electronics – European Network of Excellence SANDIE, 2004-2008)

6- Study of tunable vertical cavity lasers (VCSELs) using QWs, emitting at long wavelength. (work supported by Région Bretagne, France, 2002).

5- Ultra high speed saturable absorber for all optical signal regeneration of 1Tb/s DWDM stream (work supported by French ministry of Industry, 2002).

4- Study of optical non linear effects in InAs/InP QDs for optical signal processing (Work supported by Alcatel optronics, 2000)

3- High speed (~20Gb/s) saturable absorber using quantum wells for all optical signal regeneration (work supported by France Telecom R&D, 2000).

2- Study of QD structures emitting at 1.55µm wavelength for telecommunication applications ( French ministry of research, 2000)

1- All optical routing by pn junction diodes using quantum confined Stark effect in quantum wells (work supported by France Telecom R&D, 1997).

Head of the group : Prof. Alain LeCorre, alain.le-corre@insa-rennes.fr

Address :

20 avenue des Buttes de Coesmes CS 70839

F 35708 Rennes Cedex 7, France,

Fax + 33 2 23 23 86 18

Key people :

MBE group, Pr. Nicolas Bertru, nicolas.bertru@insa-rennes.fr

Clean room technology group, Dr. Cyril Paranthoën, cyril.paranthoen@insa-rennes.fr

Optical characterisations, Pr. Hervé Folliot, herve.folliot@insa-rennes.fr

Simulation group, Pr. Jean-Marc Jancu, jean-marc.jancu@insa-rennes.fr

Organisation profile : Government-University (HES)

number of permanent staff researchers: 21

number of current PhD students and non-permanent post-docs: 12

number of international publications published in the last 4 years on subjects : 89

number of international conference publications: 113

number of finished PhD theses in last 5 years : 12


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