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The 2014 edition of the now well-established VCSEL-DAY workshop will be organized by the FOTON-CNRS laboratory in Rennes (winthin INSA engineering school), in the west of France, on May 22-23, 2014.

As in previous years, the workshop will provide an informal forum for discussing the most recent results and achievements in the field of VCSELs. This event should be a very enjoyable time for us to share new and exciting ideas, build, renew, and start new collaborations, and to learn about current and future state-of-the art VCSEL research in Europe.

We also propose that this worshop will be followed by an exhibition tour on Friday afternoon at Saint-Malo, the walled port city of the well-known French corsair Surcouf.

Selection of papers to be presented at this workshop have been done by the workshop Scientific Committee: M.-C. Amann, V. Bardinal, P. Debarnardi, N. Grandjean, E. Kapon, A. Larsson, A. Le Corre, J.-A. Lott, R. Michalzik, A. Rissons, P. Viktorovitch.

Registration are now closed and a final program is available here.

The Organization Committee is composed of: C. Levallois, C. Paranthoen, and C. Queffelec.

Practical information on the workshop venue can be found here. You can also download road maps of Rennes and St-Malo here: Rennes / St-Malo

Our sponsors are: INSA, Photonics Bretagne, Region Bretagne, Rennes Metropôle, NanoRennes Platform.

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